The Mechanism of DApps Development on Cartesi

The world is beautifully dancing to the tune of technology. The dark age is gradually wearing off and we are experiencing complete transition into digitalization. AI has proven its prowess countless times and humans are enjoying it’s smooth ride. This has impacted the world positively and we hope for more amusing benefits.

There is rapid improvement of operations through the invention of modern technologies used to create devices for the betterment of the system globally. Today all infrastructures are adopting digitization to better their services. The gaming industry has gained massive recognition globally and Blockchain technology has made gaming more fun and rewarding. To remain renowned, better technologies need to be invented and unleashed for gaming for both the developers and gamers, this will help birth exciting games and make gaming more intriguing and adventurous. The Blockchain technology is not fully capable of running quite huge volume and data, there is also an issue of high operations fee. These short-comings need to be handled in order to make development and deployment of DApps easier for Developers.

Cartesi and DApps

Cartesi is an excellent operating System for DApps, Cartesi serves as a bridge between Linux and Blockchain, facilitating easy development of DApps as Developers are able to build DApps off-chain with Linux and maintain on-chain security. DApps built on Cartesi are highly scalable and can be accessed by so many users with ease. These DApps are as well able to carry out all kinds of operations in a manner that is truly decentralized, secure and cost efficient.

How to Build on Cartesi

There are six basic steps in building a perfect DApps on Cartesi.

  1. Code your main DApps logic with the use of Linux and software stacks which are compatible with Linux. Program will run off-chain and it is capable of handling complex computations over huge amount of data.
  2. Cross-compile the program to be implemented on Cartesi’s virtual machine which is similar in function to a RISC-V microprocessor and operates an embedded Linux distribution.
  3. As it runs, the DApps smart contracts assign computations to the program that runs off-chain on Cartesi nodes. Results are claimed to the blockchain by nodes.
  4. DApps users themselves run the Cartesi nodes, it is sometimes run by trusted service providers. Hence, honest users can prove their claims easily to the blockchain and enforce their interest.
  5. In the presence of any form of dispute, the blockchain automatically begins an interactive dispute resolution between Cartesi nodes and runs a single step of the original computation with a very low amount of data and close-to-zero cost.
  6. Your DApps runs heavy and complex computation off-chain even as it retains true decentralization and receives optimum security of blockchain.

The first DApps built on Cartesi

Creepts is the very first DApps built on Cartesi, it is a Decentralized tower defence tournament game. It was built to unleash Cartesi’s efficiency in building decentralized applications as well as providing gamers an indeed exciting and adventurous game. In this game, participants compete to attain the highest score and emerge winner.

The game functions efficiently due to its ultimate infrastructure and every other DApps built on Cartesi can be assured of pleasant operations. Cartesi enhance the development of highly scalable DApps capable of improving the performance of all systems. Individuals and businesses adopt Cartesi for the creation of their applications for better experiences and unlimited services enabled by the full stack development software, Linux operating system and Blockchain.


Cartesi combines the power of blockchain and its Linux operating system, making the development of DApps easy and cost effective.

DApps are easy to build on Cartesi and they are fully decentralized, scalable, versatile, portable, and high privacy is maintained. Developers are provided with all tools needed and sophisticated and world-class DApps are unleashed.

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