StaFi December Development Recap.

Alaka Olalekan
3 min readJan 27, 2022

December was quite busy for the StaFi team and it shows in the quality of uodates released ikn December . Lets flash beack to the ajor events of StaFi protocol in December.

StaFi & Tidal

On Dec 7th, StaFi rToken App integrated Tidal Insurance! rETH holders could purchase the insurance with FIS and USDC (Polygon). Total insurance cap for purchasers will be 1million USDC for this time.

StaFi & Staking Rewards

On Dec 15th, Staking Rewards posted the chat with Liam Young, the Co-founder of StaFi.

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v0.4.10 Upgrade

On Dec 8th, StaFi released v0.4.10 Upgrade of StaFi Chain, some of the main update include, Support the latest nightly compilation and update dependencies to fix apple M1 compilation, add a function to rSwap, Optimize the unbond records of the rTokens, and rFIS Listed On rSwap.

On Dec 9th, rFIS was live on rSwap V1. Users could get FIS immediately and the discount parameter is also set at 90%, while On Dec 11st, rMATIC was live on rSwap V1. Users could get ERC20 MATIC immediately and the discount parameter is set at 90%.


On Dec 14th, StaFi released the proposal for StaFiHub, which is a StaFi parallel chain dedicated for Cosmos ecosystem rTokens. StaFiHub is based on the Cosmos SDK and serves for the Staking Derivatives of Cosmos ecosystem.

On Dec 16th, rSOL was released on rSwap V1. rSOL holders could swap native rSOL into SOL with 90% discount. Now rSwap V1 has listed rATOM, rDOT, rBNB, rFIS, rMATIC, rSOL.

On Dec 16th, StaFi specified the FIS Utility in rDEX V1:

1) A transactional asset that provides liquidity to rTokens

2) Gas fee for transactions

3) An Impermanent Loss Protection Fund Reserve to motivate Liquidity Providers

4) FIS is used to provide rDEX V1 liquidity mining incentives

Community Building

StaFi Protocol gains 1.30K Twitter Followers and on Dec 4th, the followers on StaFi Twitter Reached 30K, on Dec 8th, the liquidity mining program for rBNB, rSOL, rDOT went live on rPool, on Dec 13rd, The Liquidity Mining program for rETH/ ETH pool on Uniswap V2 was open. rETH holders could provide liquidity for rETH/ ETH and stake LP tokens on rPool to enjoy 134.65% APY with FIS.

The Staking rewards and incentives of rToken

On Dec 15th, StaFi summarized the staking rewards and incentives of existing rToken to help stakers get maximized rewards.

StaFi Warriors Campaign

On Dec 14th, the contribution in November came out. Various forms of content continuously help improve StaFi brand awareness.

Retrospecting StaFi’s 2021

On Dec 29th, StaFi looked back on its development in 2021:

In the past year, StaFi focused on rToken liquidity and explored new Staking Derivatives, and achieved many great milestones such as the introduction of 8 new rTokens, over 100 million TVL, over 15 DeFi Apps integrations, rSwap and rPool release, Fee station launch, rDEX proposal and StaFiHub innovation.

2021 Ecosystem Development Review:

2021 Technical Development Review:


In December, StaFi focused on building an open Staking Derivative underlying architecture, including StaFiHub and rDEX. rDEX is mainly to provide better liquidity for native rTokens, and now it has been under audit by the professional third-party security agencies.

In January, rDEX and StaFiHub will still be the focus of StaFi Core’s main work. rDEX will be audited and the Bug Bounty Program of rDEX will be opened to the community. In summary, the first version of StaFiHub will be completed, the design work of the StaFiParachain will start, and the rToken-based Apps like Staking Derivative Index will be explored.

About StaFi

StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. rToken is a synthetic staking derivative issued by StaFi to users when users stake PoS tokens through StaFi rToken App . rTokens are anchored to the PoS tokens staked by users and the corresponding staking rewards. rTokens can be transferred and traded at any time.


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