Rebranding the future in Blockchain- The Bluzelle MainNet Launch


MainNetwork (which is shortened as Mainnet) majors on evaluating the potentials of a cryptocurrency project.

The essential function of MainNetwork is transference of cryptocurrency from one party to another.

Know that MainNet differs from TestNetwork (TestNet). As it name implies, TestNet is a test run to determine functionality of the network while MainNet is the actual end product which makes a blockchain available for the public.

A good investor must confirm that a blockchain project has a MainNet before deciding on investing in it. This serves as a pointer to the seriousness of a project’s team.

Ultimately, it is important to invest in projects that their MainNet is launched. When a blockchain’s MainNet is launched, it signifies it’s readiness for public use. This is what Bluzelle has done.


Bluzelle as a project seeks to decentralize data storage by presenting affordable and reliable alternative to decentralized applications on blockchain. The network being offered is highly secured and quite sealable. It strives to be number one.

It’s Peculiarity:

-Bluzelle is powered by Cosmos.

-It manages over ten thousand transactions per second.

-It makes use of delegated proof of stake (DPoS) network model.

-Bluzelle creates a dual token model:

A. External token for investment (BLZ)

B. Internal token for free participation on the network (BNT)

At the same time, providing incentive for node owners to continue operation.

The Launch:

The MainNet release will be in 2 phases, Soft MainNet and Production MainNet. In July 30th 2020, Bluzelle announced that the Phase 1 of their MainNet will be released in August 2020.

Soft MainNet: with the launch of the Soft MainNet, BLZ token holders will be able not just tostake their funds but do receive incentives for engaging in the validation process.

Soft MainNet will ensure that;

- everything works for Production MainNet.

- on-boarding process for delegators and validators is smooth.

- early opportunity is given to the community to start earning tokens.

- it is only after the end of Phase 1 that swapping of BNT to BLC can be made possible.

Every 24 hours, BNT staking rewards are distributed and every validator are 5o have their Bluzelle Net addresses and stake their BLZ before distribution.

Phsae 2:- Production MainNet

This is scheduled to go live by September 8, 2020 and it will include modifications for Soft MainNet.

The bridge relayer will ensure that BLZ to BNT swap is done automatically and continuously without human interference unlike Phase 1.

Mobile wallet in advance versions will be in place.

The major goal of Phase 2 is pure Decentralization; that is to say, the community holds more staking power than the Bluzelle team.


In my own opinion i think Bluzelle is offering virtually everything to blockchain enthusiasts with their active team constantly delivering.

If you ask me, this is one of the best around the industry.

Official Website




BluzelleNet Staking Economics



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Alaka Olalekan

Blockchain Enthusiast | | Community Manager | | Digital Marketer.