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StaFi Protocol’s rDEX V1 which will tackle liquidity issues surrounding rtokens is now live on the testnet, and to that effect, the StaFi team is welcoming users, developers and the general crypto community to participate in the testing of rDEX. There will be incentives in form of bounty rewards for any user or developer who discovers and reports bugs and vulnerabilities to this new StaFi product which is the whole essence of the bug bounty program.

Although, rDEX is at testnet stage, a lot has been put in place for its smooth functioning as the rDEX contract has been formally submitted to a third-party auditing agency and the Bug Bounty program is just an avenue to get feedback from the community just incase there are any form of functional vulnerabilities or code bugs that may be associated with rDEX.

How To Join the rDEX Testnet

The bug bounty program commenced since the 18th of January and will continue till 17th of February 2022.
Check https://bit.ly/328ahEq for a proper guide on how to go about the rDEX testing.

To participate in the rDEX testnet, there is need for some test net tokens and there are a few steps to be taken to be eligible for these testnet tokens. Below are the steps:
- Join StaFi Protocol Group: https://t.me/stafi_protocol
- Join StaFi Faucet Group: https://t.me/StafiFaucet
On the Faucet group, reply /faucet + Account:
Example: /faucet 35Eb25MdWe3aBuehR3Abx9caw7S68za39aYijvnWB5V3uv3S
If your account meets the requirements for issuance, 500 testnet tokens will be automatically distributed to your account if it meets the requirements, testnet balance can be viewed on the StaFi-app.

After getting the testnet tokens, the main rDEX testing task begins and the tasks involve the following:

- Add liquidity for rFIS/FIS pair
- Remove Liquidity for rFIS/FIS pair
- Swap rFIS to FIS
- Swap FIS to rFIS
- Stake rFIS/FIS LP token
- Unstake rFIS/FIS LP token
- Claim rewards

Any functional bugs that are found and any relevant suggestions related to rDEX after completing the above testing tasks should be explained in detail to the StaFi team via this mail support@stafi.io with screenshots for confirmation by the team. Details to be included in the submission will be name, email, company name (optional), description of the bug(s), your opinion on what is the potential impact of that bug on StaFi rDEX V1, and how you discovered that bug.
The StaFi team will evaluate all functional bugs and suggestions sent in and senders will stand a chance to be awarded rewards worth 10 to 1000 USDT.

Rules Of the Bug Bounty Program:

It is pertinent to properly understand the terms and conditions applied to the rDEX testing especially as it concerns the discovery of bugs associated with rDEX and bounty rewards The terms and conditions are as follows:

- Bugs found must be a newly discovered bugs that have not been reported before
-The bugs found must be related to security issues in StaFi GitHub page code, but not other third-party code
- Users who report bugs must not have written any codes of StaFi around the bugs and must not have participated in any process that generated the bugs of StaFi in other ways.
- Public disclosure will make you lose your bounty. This means bugs discovered should not be disclosed to the general public but to only the StaFi team.
- The StaFi team reserves the right to make the final decision on eligibility for the event and all rewards.
- The rewards for bugs discovery will be issued in the form of FIS, and the amount will depend on the severity of the bugs found. The accuracy and details of the bug description will also be strongly considered in determining the quantity of the bounty rewards.

About StaFi
StaFi is the first DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets. Users can stake PoS tokens through StaFi and receive rTokens in return, which are available for trading, while still earning staking rewards. rToken is a synthetic staking derivative issued by StaFi to users when users stake PoS tokens through StaFi rToken App . rTokens are anchored to the PoS tokens staked by users and the corresponding staking rewards. rTokens can be transferred and traded at any time.

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