Cartesi: Creating a Whole New World of Possibilities for DApps

In the past few years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of applications being built on major blockchain networks. Unsurprisingly, it appears that the number of applications to be deployed across already existing blockchain networks in the coming years, is expected to increase even further, as developers from across the globe are beginning to realize the long list of benefits that blockchain provide, and are looking to leverage them in an attempt to create solid applications.

However, it is no news to any blockchain-savvy person that a large number of existing blockchain network aren’t devoid of limitations. Among others, scalability and lack of a solid development environment sits top on the list of major challenges faced on most blockchain networks in recent years. This being said, as a large number of developers are looking to deploy their applications on the chain, there is a great need for a blockchain platform which provides a fully efficient and equipped infrastructural environment to meet the needs of every developer and user.

The rest of this publication is a detailed review of Cartesi; a layer-2 blockchain platform poised at providing the perfect environment for developers to build their ideal Dapps.

About Cartesi

Cartesi is a layer-2 platform uniquely designed to permit the development and deployment of scalable decentralized applications. Unlike any other blockchain platform, Cartesi provides a fully equipped infrastructural environment designed to ensure that any decentralized application developed or deployed on the network is superior to any other existing on other chains, as they’ve been engineered to operate as an hybrid i.e., they include both blockchain and off-chain components.

Cartesi works with layer-2 scalability solutions to ensure a high transaction throughput across the network, through a reproducible computational model that fully supports modern operating systems, in order to give developers access to the tools, libraries, services, and software they are already familiar with. This way, Cartesi is able to provide off-chain computational portability across different blockchain platforms.

Why Cartesi?

Cartesi intends to bridge the gap between LinuX and blockchain, so basically it leverages the infrastructural capability of LinuX operating system and also provide blockchain-powered scalability for their decentralized apps. With Cartesi, Dapps are essentially more practical, easy to create, impressive, compact and cost-effective.

Highlighted below are some key features that sets Cartesi miles ahead of every of its competitors:

· Computations are performed off-chain and at the same time guaranteeing security. It can conveniently perform intensive computations.

· Cartesi is built on a real Operating System i.e., use of thousands of open source components, versatility is one of the cores of Cartesi.

· Cartesi works with familiar software stacks which makes it quite easy for any developer to build their Dapps on Cartesi.

· On Cartesi, there is no reputation protocol, TEE or central servers on the cloud. It is fully decentralized.

· With the use of Cartesi, Dapps are made portable so as to support smart contracts.

· Cartesi ensures full privacy among application participants.

· Cartesi’s consensus is efficiently reached on-chain and definitely guaranteed.

· Cartesi bridges the gap between real world computations and blockchain

· Cartesi is portable and fully efficient across multiple blockchains.

Cartesi Applications

1. Decentralized Finance (DeFi):

DeFi will be released from the current constraints of blockchain because Cartesi Applications are made to perform complex and intensive computation which obviously will be from multiple sources. It also will enhance and foster relationship between blockchains and services like insurance markets.

2. Gaming:

Cartesi intends to create a whole new world of possibilities in the blockchain gaming industry, as game state processing will be free from computational limits and the high fees attributed to blockchain, because developers will be able to make use of traditional tools and libraries compiled for Linux. Interestingly, all these would be done without compromising on the network’s decentralization.

3. Artificial Intelligence:

Cartesi will be as a decentralized marketplace for machine learning, AI and computational tasks with its power of decentralized automated verification of course. Also, developers will be able to create services that will allow new Dapps outsource and distribute work. This would create a new world of possibilities for lower cost AI, which would definitely outsource experts and bots.

4. Automation’s Future:

Modern applications will be able to outsource and distribute works that are verifiable with the power of Cartesi’s decentralized verification. This way Cartesi intends to open doors to possibilities for trustless marketplaces and autonomous systems that involves human and machines, data science, AI and propelling IoT, all through a unique business model.

5. Logistics Optimization:

Professionals in Logistics and transportation industry will be open to offer their services and also be hired by international enterprises (without the need for intermediaries), all with the use of Cartesi.

6. Research:

With the emergence of outsourced computation, millions of users will be able to lend their idle computing power. Cartesi will benefit scientific research, video transcoding, 3D rendering and several other verifiable computationally intensive tasks. With Cartesi, there will be no reputation system needed and definitely no Sybil attacks.


Cartesi provides an endless list of features and benefits by creating a synergy between off-chain and on-chain systems, thereby creating a whole new world of possibilities for developers and users across the world. Cartesi will prove to be the best platform where you can develop DeFi because so far, it comes with the best user experience. This gives both the newbies and the pros, an easy access and guide to the system.

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Alaka Olalekan

Blockchain Enthusiast | | Community Manager | | Digital Marketer.