Oropocket is 100% asset backed banking without the insidious, hidden charges and time consuming tedium that come with traditional banks. Invest into multiple asset classes, grow your wealth, enjoy 100% liquidity.

Open finance creates an opportunity for investors to interact with the blockchain, participate in crypto and DeFi as it reduces price issues, offers swift and efficient payments and increases liquidity while maintaining full custodianship of physical assets.

The system creates massive yield on real time assets like gold, stocks, etc and this enables investors to participate and create value for their assets.

The system also provides subscribers with an array of cutting-edge tools to help them properly navigate, thrive and keep up with the systems development, some of these tools enables are: Automatic transfer of assets to any subscriber regardless of his location in the globe, generation of quick loans, earning of massive yields on real world assets and spending of assets which is facilitated by the use of a debit card.

Oropocket creates an alternative for individuals to experience an unbeatable banking experience on the blockchain built on real world assets, which have full insurance and are constantly audited by intermediaries.

The following assets are available on Oropocket for investment:

1: Equity Stocks

2: ESOPs and SAFEs

3: Precious Metals

4: ETFs

5: Cryptocurrencies

6: Wines and Whisky

7: Energy and Oil

8: Patents and IPRs

Oropocket is using its unique open finance protocol to expose subscribers to various real-world assets in a transparent manner, incentivize users for active network participation (farming), enable staking for massive interests, help users access loans against their assets, an opportunity for the unbanked population to enjoy banking experience built on assets through the blockchain infrastructure and a lot more.


These are a few financial products and services powered by the Oropocket.

Instant transfer: Transfer of assets between investors or subscribers is enabled on the platform and carried out as swift and as transparent as possible regardless of the locations of parties involved.

Debit card: A debit card fully backed by assets is also provided on the substrate to facilitate easy assessment of user’s funds and assets.

Open Finance: This is a design that bridges the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance, this approach helps individuals and investors interact with the blockchain, crypto and DeFi.

Earn Yield From Assets: Asset holdings of individuals on the platform help them to earn passive yields and returns with oropocket’s customer based design.

Lending: You can also monetize your assets by lending or loaning them out and receive interests proportional to the amount of assets loaned.


Oropocket is raising the bars so high within the DeFi industry, checking liquidity issues, price slippage, offers instant global payments as well as maintains custodianship of physical assets. With its open finance protocol, it exposes users to various real world assets, encourages staking, provides incentives for users participation on the network, loans and banking services for the unbanked population on the blockchain.

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